Pajero Sport

Prepare for Takeoff
Where adventure is waiting, where your future is calling, that's where Pajero Sport is going. Born for off-road running, once you set it free nothing will hold it back.The new generation of SUV thinking, Pajero Sport fuses the fun and comfort of urban driving with the heavy hauling and terrain-conquering toughness of off-road excitement. This is where your journey begins.

Define your Destination
Roads are those lines on the map where all the other cars stay. Convenient, certainly, but is convenience all you want out of life? Set free from asphalt constraints, Pajero Sport shows its true form. Beneath its hood beats the heart of a rally champion, tempered by the sands of Dakar. With a powerful 3.2-liter Direct Injection Diesel or 3.5-liter V6 engine supported by rugged 4WD and suspensions, few places on earth are out of reach.

Whether highway cruising or off-road adventure, excitement is where you create it. Pajero Sport combines power with a smooth, aerodynamic form that invites you to explore the limits. With the freedom to switch between rugged, aggressive 4WD and quiet, efficient 2WD at will, Pajero Sport is at home on any road.

If the exterior of Pajero Sport hasn't already convinced you, one look inside should dispel any notions that this is a traditional SUV. Spacious and comfortable for driver and passengers alike, Pajero Sport doesn't trade driving pleasure or style for excitement. The high driver's position puts you in command of the road around you, making it as much fun to be seen in as it is to drive. Get in, and step out.

The Scenic Route
Get ready for a new point of view. Combining a high seat position with wide front windshield, Pajero Sport gives you a commanding view of your surroundings, with luxurious styling to make the ride all the more pleasant. The controls, meters and gearshift are all ergonomically arranged around the wheel for intuitive operation while driving. At the center of it all sits the meter cluster, attractively designed in red for maximum visibility in all conditions.

Inner Elegance
SUVs have conventionally been known for off-road prowess and utilitarian cargo capacity rather than passenger comfort. Passengers stepping into Pajero Sport, however, are in for a wonderful surprise, greeted by available leather seating with ample headroom and space to stretch their legs. Combined with available fully automatic climate control and MITSUBISHI POWER SOUND SYSTEM, the only thing more fun than riding in Pajero Sport is being in the driver's seat.

Room for More
Sometimes, instead of getting away from it all, you want to take it with you, and Pajero Sport makes that easier than ever.The spacious cargo area can fit even extra-large cargo, and the folding rear seats give you the extra room to handle an additional set of suitcases, golf bags or whatever else you need to carry. And with the easy-opening tailgate, loading and unloading everything is a breeze.

A New World Awaits
How can you truly know the world if you don't explore it? There is more out there waiting to be discovered than we have ever imagined, and more to be experienced than we have ever dreamed possible. Pajero Sport is ready to take you, all you need to do is set your course.